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Therapeutic Massage


I have received training in all of the following modalities.  I typically use a combination of techniques during each session as I have found the most effective massage therapy is integrative and holisitic.  I do spot work and place emphasis on problem areas, but I feel it is also important to treat a patient in their entirety.


Neuromuscular Therapy         

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a program of recovery from acute and chronic pain syndromes.  It utilizes specific muscle release, muscle fiber separation and trigger point therapy techniques to eliminate pain.  It effectively reestablishes a balance between the musculoskeleton system and the nervous system and enables the body to move more freely and without pain.  It can be used for postural corrections, chronic misuse and overuse of muscles, injury and accident rehabilitation, neck pain and whiplash, low-back pain, hip and sciatica pain.


Myofascial Release                  

All the muscles, ateries, veins, nerves, organs, and bones of the body are enclosed and held together by a saran wrap-like connective tissue called fascia.  Individual muscle fibers, muscles, and entire muscle groups are also surrounded by fascia.  When movement is restricted from injury or other repetitive movements fascia can become 'stuck' and cause decreased range of motion and pain.  Trauma in one area of the body can prohibit movement and cause pain in another area of the body since muscle groups run along various fascial planes in the body.  Myofascial release techniques aim to 'unstick' fascial planes and is highly effective in reducing stiffness and increasing range of motion.  This modality uses little lotion and incorporates various layers of muscle lengthening.  Movement is life!


Muscle Energy & Active Release Techniques

These techniques are used to release tight bands within muscles using passive and active movement.  They are beneficial both as a more subtle technique for clients with limited range of motion or a high level of pain.  These techniques are also effective in increasing the length of tight muscles.  While most MET work does not require client participation, ART releases rely on clients actively engaging a muscle while the therapist releases trigger points.



This technique incorporates the use of either hot or cold therapy to enhance the effects of manual massage.  Hot therapy is most commonly used in the form of hot stone treatments or wet hot pack application.  Cryotherapy (ice therapy) is one of the most effective modalities for releasing muscles and can be used for spot work when other modalities have not worked.


Swedish Massage

One of the best known and most commonly used modalities of massage, this is the type of massage used in spas and resorts to enhance relaxation.  It is much more superficial work and less specific, but very effective in overall emotional wellness.  It can also improve lymphatic circulation and release physical and emotional tension.


Reiki is a form of therapy that uses hands on, non-touch, and visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person.  Reiki means "universal life energy" in Japanese, and Reiki practioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  Reiki touch therapy is used in much the same way as to achieve similar effects that traditional massage therapy is used-to alleviate stress and pain, and reduce the symptoms of various health conditions.    

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