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Neuromuscular Therapy can successfully treat the most common reasons for worker's compensation claims including: stress, low-back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, headaches, muscle strains, and wrist and knee injuries.  Utilizing an on-site massage therapist benefits both companies and employees.  I can help decrease lost wages and missed time for doctor's appointments, as well as, annual worker's compensation claims filed.  Employees benefit from pain reduction, decreased stress, increased productivity and improved workplace morale.

I offer employees 15 and 30 minute sessions.  I schedule shifts weekly, biweekly and monthly depending on the size and demand of each company.  My rate is $70/hour and payment can be arranged in a variety of ways. 

  • The company may choose to subsidize my servies for its employees and contract my services as an "Ergonomic Rehabilitation Specialist."  This type of subsidy is categorized as first-aid and does not require OSHA notification.
  • Services can be offered to employees as a company-paid benefit.
  • Employees can be billed directly for the time.


Six month contracts are preferred, however, they are not mandatory and are negotiable.

It is recommended that the company furnish a massage table (typically $100-$200 value) as well as a private office or space in order to maintain client privacy.

I look forward to establishing a relationship with your company!

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