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What Do I Need To Do For Insurance Claims

The first step in qualifying for medical massage is obtaining a prescription for medical massage from either your Primary Care Physician, chiropractor, orthopoedist (or other doctor).  Prescriptions are issued where massage is medically necessary for recovery and are typically written for 2-3 sessions/week for 4-8 week intervals.  I can provide a Medical Massage Prescription Form upon request for any referring Doctor.  Once you have a prescription issued and a claim number from your insurance company you can schedule your initial appointment.  The following forms must be completed at your initial session:

Health History Intake Form

Pain Evaluation Form (provided in-office)

Personal Injury Form/Auto Accident/ Slip & Fall Cases (provided in-office)

Attorney Letter of Protection (provided in-office)


What To Expect

Your first session will be a 75 minute appointment at which time your therapist will review the circumstances of your injury, collect all your information and perform a preliminary postural analysis and range of motion assessment.  Your postural analysis will involve checking neck, shoulder, torso, hip, knee and ankle alignment and the overall balance of your body relative to each area.  Your therapist will assess your posture front & back, as well as both sides to help assess functional imbalances that may be significant in your recovery.  A range of motion assessment will be performed on your affected areas (as prescribed) and will evaluate which movements are impaired and by what extent compared to ‘normal.’

Once your therapist is acquainted with your case, therapy will begin and any of the techniques listed on the Technique page will be implemented.  Hot & Cold Therapy may also be incorporated into each session.

When your prescription is completed, a Patient Progress form will be completed by your therapist for your referring physician to review.  If needed, additional medical massage prescriptions can be issued.

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